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THEPASSIVHAUS achieves top result in RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge

Advanced Housing Systems responds to the RIBA 2030 climate challenge with an analysis of THEPASSIVHAUS - a unique passivhaus certified superstructure, substructure plus basement system using MMC in sustainable materials.

Advanced Housing Systems' THEPASSIVHAUS achieves top result in RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge

Project Lyonesse

The graph shows that we are over three times better than average for both upfront carbon and embodied carbon.

We are currently redesigning to achieve A++ in both categories.

Tim Martel, designer of PHRibbon and a consultant to Architype and the AECB, did the third-party analysis.

Below is Lyonesse, a design using THEPASSIVHAUS. Lyonesse is currently achieving in PHPP a heating demand of 7 kWh/(m2a) and a heating load of 8 W/m2. Extraordinarily good results (better than half the heating demand of the Passivhaus target).

Download CAD drawings of the house design ("Lyonesse Plans and Sections" file, as part of our free Passivhaus details bundle).

THEPASSIVHAUS has recently been shortlisted for Best Sustainable Technology or Product in the 2021 Build It Awards, and is described as "the most complete system" by the Passivhaus Institute, Darmstadt.


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