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You Can Now Use Insulated Raft Foundations in Difficult Ground Conditions

Advanced Foundation Systems have integrated piling with their standard and Passivhaus Certified modular foundation system.

Heaving or subsiding clays or soils with very poor bearing capacity are accommodated.

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Floor Slab Edge (Piled Foundations), Advanced Foundation Systems
Floor Slab Edge (Piled Foundations), Advanced Foundation Systems

Advanced Foundation Systems are recognised innovators in bespoke, high performance & sustainable offsite (MMC) systems for modular Passivhaus Certified substructures.

The last 12 years have seen a series of exceptional, award winning new builds for self builders, architects’ own homes, and clients from Iceland and Finland to the Channel Islands.

Cliff top builds in Jersey (see Ch4), ‘Homes by the Sea’ (won the JeCC Sustainability Award); and a home erected in 2 days (BBC) are some highlights for us.

After 8 years of iterations, we recently launched THEPASSIVHAUS, a Passivhaus certified Total Envelope System and described by the Passivhaus Institute at Darmstadt system as ‘the most comprehensive system’ they've ever assessed.

Lyonesse House, which uses THEPASSIVHAUS details, scored A+ for the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge. It has now been updated to A++, probably becoming the most sustainable certified passivhaus system.

Blending high tech with craftsmanship & traditional materials: the best house building system is now Passivhaus certified.

Made in Devon, built worldwide.


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