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advanced foundation systems - THEPASSIVHAUS construction process
 "the most complete" system 

- The Passivhaus Institute, Darmstadt

Foundation System

What would the ultimate foundation look like?

A single cast concrete slab handling high loads without steel reinforcement, in factory cut insulating permanent formwork eliminating thermal bridging, engineered for all soil types, and cost equivalent to traditional solutions.

The world’s first and only underfloor integrated heating system.

We’ve been manufacturing it for years and the latest version is THEPASSIVHAUS Foundation System, certified by the Passivhaus Institute, Darmstadt.

We also do curved modules and other specials.

The process is simple, the technology advanced

isotherms Screenshot 2021-08-27 154652.jpg

THEPASSIVHAUS Foundation System is a component of our most significant innovation to date.

The off-site constructed Passivhaus Certified

Total Envelope System: THEPASSIVHAUS

Build It Awards 2021 Shortlisted


Advanced Foundation Systems - Our Story

Our Story

Advanced Foundation Systems are recognised innovators in construction.


The last 12 years have seen a series of exceptional, award winning new builds for self builders, architects’ own homes, and clients from Iceland and Finland to the Channel Islands.


Cliff top builds in Jersey (see Ch4), ‘Homes by the Sea’ (won the JeCC Sustainability Award); and a home erected in 2 days (BBC) are some highlights for us.


In 2021, we launched our most significant innovation to date: THEPASSIVHAUS, a passivhaus certified Total Envelope System, described by the Passivhaus Institute at Darmstadt system as ‘the most complete' they've ever assessed.

Made in Devon, Installed Worldwide


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